Welcome Students

Life as a Leopard

When you become a Leopard you join a network of alums who have chosen to make a name for themselves and become something great! Your work at Mansueto High School will be extremely challenging, but it will also be extremely rewarding.

While at Mansueto High School, you will have the opportunity to participate in the International Baccalaureate Program if you choose to do so! Please visit the IB page to learn more. If you are not yet ready for IB, you will still have the chance to take AP courses starting with your freshman year.

Please see below for our promotion requirements

You must pass all of your classes. Any failing grades must be made up in night school or summer school, prior to the start of the next school year.

You must participate in one extra-curricular activity every single year. Many students choose to participate in more than one activity.

Health and Fitness                                                                                      
You must pass a written and physical health test in your physical education class. Students who do not pass will be required to attend summer school in order to show growth in physical fitness.

Community Service                                                                               
You must complete at least 40 community service hours by the time you graduate; these are split into 10 hours per year. If you do not complete your hours by the end of each year you will not be promoted.

The number of detentions and suspension days that a student earns is tracked throughout the year. Students who earn more than 36 detentions or who have more than 20 suspension days will not be promoted. In addition, students might be required to take character development courses in order to graduate based on the number of detentions they earn. You will work with your advisor every single day to ensure that you meet all of your promotion requirements!

You will work with your advisor every single day to ensure that you meet all of your promotion requirements!